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Postdoc positions:

If you are interested in joining the group as a postdoc, first of all please visit the postdoctoral fellowship opportunities webpage and indicate which funding schemes you have in mind before contacting Jim by email. Any specific schemes or funded projects that we wish to highlight are outlined below.

– Currently advertised Postdoc positions:

The University of Birmingham is currently seeking potential postdocs for Marie Sklodowska Curie European Fellowships. One area of research relevant to the Tucker group is: “EPS23: Supramolecular Chemistry, DNA assemblies and nanotechnology“. More details of the scheme can be found here. The deadline for Expressions of Interest is Friday 27th April 2017.

PhD positions:

Jim welcomes enquiries by email from potential PhD students from the UK and around the world who have (or are about to obtain) a good undergraduate degree in Chemistry or a closely related subject. However if your nationality is from a country outside the EU or the UK, you are classed as an overseas student and will normally have to provide your own sources of funding for maintenance and fees. For information on eligibility, fees and funding as well as scholarships available for students from various countries, see here

– Currently advertised PhD positions:

The School of Chemistry currently has a number of funded PhD positions available and Jim would welcome enquiries from UK/EU students.

Specific advertised projects involving the Tucker group are shown below:

UK/EU students: Anthracene-HNO adducts for biological and therapeutic applications

UK/EU students: Incorporation of DNA aptamers into molecularly imprinted polymers for detecting cancer biomarkers

UK/EU students: Synthetic Chemistry for Visual Genetics

UK/EU students: Developing a mobile phone-based test for potato disease monitoring in the developing world (deadline 28th April – this project is a prestigious UoB Global Challenges Studentship).

UK/EU students: In vivo imaging of Spinal Muscular Atrophy at the gene transcription level using novel probes (deadline 28th April – this project is a prestigious UoB Global Challenges Studentship).

More Information:

For more information on joining the group, please contact Jim by email at:

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School of Chemistry
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